Is your steering too heavy? Will fit all models.      

Is your steering too heavy? Are you tired of arm wrestling your car into parking bays? then we have the answer!  EZ electric power steering.

Normal hydraulic power steering requires an engine driven pump with hoses to a power steering rack and in some cases a different chassis or cross member to bolt the power steering rack too. So converting to hydraulic power steering can not only be very costly but requires high maintenance and changes your cars original appearance.

The EZ electric power steering unit fits neatly underneath your classics dashboard keeping its original look and is completely out of sight. The unit is maintenance free, silent in operation and does not require any belts or pulleys from your engine to operate. The units are either speed sensitive via your speedometer cable or manually set to your liking via a rheostat.

Models are available to fit your Triumph, Rover, MG, Jaguar, Jenson, Morgan, Aston Martin and over 50 other classic manufactures. For more information regarding your classic please contact us.


Safety to us is a big issue. So if there is an electrical failure within your car, the steering reverts back to standard and feels just like the manual steering felt before.

EZ Electric Power Steering