About The Triumph Centre

The Triumph Centre was established by Dave and Irene Godsell in 1986. Paul Dodds began his automotive mechanic career here in 1988 and today is part owner of The Triumph Centre. Together, Dave and Paul are proud to offer a combined fifty years specialized automotive mechanic experience and as a result our workmanship and diagnosis skills are second to none!

Here at The Triumph Centre we are not just limited to working on Triumphs. Our expertise extends into a vast range of modern, classic, vintage and rare cars either for servicing and repairs or full restorations. In our photo gallery of the workshop you will see a range of makes and models that we care for. If you can’t see your particular model car on the site, don’t worry, just give us a call anyway.

Check out some of our specific projects here, or see some of the cars we have recently serviced and repairs. To find out more, contact us today.

After 32 years in Perth, we are well-known within car club circles for our restoration service of both concourse and performance-enhanced classic vehicles. We have built a solid reputation for our amateur car club competitive racing in our own classic Triumphs.

The Ticket To Winning

The Triumph Centre have been at the forefront of Triumph Motorsport in WA since the early 1990’s in both full competition racing and club level.

The 1990’s saw our fully prepared GT6 MK II of Dave Godsell and the TR6 of John Brooksby compete at Marque Sports car level and both set Barbagallo Long Track times of 1:08 which even to this day still remains unbeaten by another Triumph 6 cyl 2.5 powered car. Also, let’s not forget that they were licensed for the road and driven to and from the track!

This laid the foundation for The Triumph Centre to set a very high standard for the cars we have worked on since. Be it a Stag that won its class in the Classic Rally of 1997, a GT6 MKII, numerous TR8’s or our 2.5 PI winning TSOA championship driver titles.

Using the mechanical knowledge, development and technology we have gathered over all the years, it in turn led to far more competitive and reliable cars which have proved themselves with our suspension, brake & performance tuning and upgrade packages to be class and outright winners in hill climbs, track days, motorkhanas and sprints. The Triumph Centres very own 2.5 PI V8 has won driver champion for TSOA WA in 2011-13, 2015-16 and most recently 21 year old Thomas Dodds in his first full year of driving. The Triumph Centres sedan won Driver Champion TSOA-WA for 2016-17.

Mechanical Skills Second To None

Built and Tuned by The Triumph Centre – Club Champions