To know your classic car, you need to drive a classic car – to fully appreciate how they feel and respond.  At the Triumph Centre, we have owned and driven many classics over the years.  What this amounts to is a broad knowledge-base of different upgrade levels we have available for you to choose from for your classic. Our performance upgrades include brake packages, ranging from a simple pad upgrade to a full four spot caliper for Stags, large diameter vented disc with competition compound pads. Complete stiffened and lowered suspension spring kits, sway bar upgrades, rear Z bar for Spitfires (eliminates rear wheel tucking under), five speed gearbox conversion, limited slip differential upgrade (Subaru S/L diffs available for Spitfire and GT6) are just some of the performance upgrades available. But most important, when performing any modifications we don’t change the body in any way which means it can easily be put back to its original factory condition and you wouldn’t know it had been modified in the first place.

Our many years of racing experience with six cylinder and V8 motors translates into a wealth of know-how to personalize a performance upgrade package just for you – be it for street, fast road or race track. Dave Godsell’s performance upgrade experience began with Dave’s GT6 2.5 PI and John Brooksby’s TR6. We both began racing at Barbagallo Racewawy in 1989 to 1993 in the Marque Sportscar class, with a lot of success, always in the top 5. In 1993 we were one of the support races for the Touring Car round, where we came second and third, lap times 68.44 seconds and 68.60 seconds… of course the quicker time was ALWAYS Dave’s car because he’s the mechanic 🙂 In 1993 we started our development on TR8’s (see image1, image2, image3, image4, image5)

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